What to Put in 21st Birthday Gift Baskets?

21st birthday gift baskets are one of the best presents that you can give for your loved one or someone you know. A lot of people enjoy receiving gifts. However, thinking about great gift ideas is hard if you don’t know the person. Therefore, it is highly important that you know the person well for you to find gifts that will totally be loved by her/him. 

Finding gifts for people who will turn 21 is like riding on a rolling coaster. You can find gifts anywhere but with so many choices and options in the market, choosing the right one is difficult. People who will celebrate their 21st birthday are excited on their special day because it’s the start of their adulthood.

Gifts can be anything, but some people worry about the cost.  The cost of your gift is not important because it’s the thought that counts. You can find cheaper gifts in the market, and one of the affordable presents is gift baskets. You can apply your creativity on them. Aside from their cheap cost, you can also put anything on those 21st birthday gift baskets.

You can make gift baskets easily. All you have to do is to buy a certain basket that will carry all the stuffs that you will put in it. You can also make your own basket, but to save your time, buy ready-made baskets instead. Put decorations on them to make them decorative and attractive at the same time. Fill the 21st gift baskets with different goodies. Buy things that will suit the birthday girl or boy’s personality. Attach a ribbon and a birthday card. After you are done with the 21st birthday gift baskets, you can deliver or give them to the birthday celebrant.

21st Birthday Gift Baskets for Men

Gift ideas for men are different. Men love gadgets, tools, collectibles, brews and other stuffs. People who don’t have enough money to buy those things would think of something which is affordable and can be customized. Giving 21st birthday gift baskets is the probably the cheapest and most affordable present. With gift baskets, you can put anything that your man likes the most.

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Lots of men like brews and liquors. Find branded brews in different stores. Not all brews are expensive so you don’t have to worry about how much they will cost you. You can find cheaper ones as long as your thought is there. Bottles of wines can also be your alternatives. Just make sure that you buy the right basket for them and you pack them well.

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Some men have passion in gardening. You can put gardening tools on your 21st birthday gift basket. There are different gardening tools available in the market. You can include a gardening book, gardening toolkit, packs of seeds, gardening gloves, gardening apron and many more. Personalize the tools by embroidering the celebrant’s name on them.  

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Like women, men also love to collect miniatures and other collectibles. Fill your gift basket with different miniatures. Just make sure that you buy the things they are fond of collecting.


For men who chocolates and candies, give them their 21st birthday gift baskets that contains assorted chocolates. The nice thing about chocolates and candies is that you can find them anywhere. Just make sure that you buy their favourite chocolates and candies.

21st Birthday Gift Baskets for Women

Women are sensitive and easy to please. That’s why you can think of any gifts for them. Just remember the things that they don’t like. Check their hobbies to have an ease on choosing the stuffs which you will put in the 21st birthday gift baskets. Know what women need most. You can experiment on your gifts at the same time. There are different stores that offer personalized or customized goodies. Find rare objects. But, it should be beneficial and can be used daily.

Women love things that would make them beautiful and attractive for guys. If you are planning to give 21st birthday gift baskets for your friend, you can fill it with make-ups, lipsticks, and other beauty stuffs. Almost all women like make-ups. It’s because make-ups are one of the necessities when working or applying for a job. Make-ups are not hard to find. You can buy them in malls and retail stores. In addition, put a discount card on their favourite salon

There are also a number of women who loves to drink wines. Buy a basket that can accommodate the wines that you bought. Fill your basket with various kinds of wines. Most women like red wines. Choose wines that will surely like them.

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Some women love everything about gardens. You can fill the 21st birthday baskets with gardening stuffs. It can be a gardening tool kit or a book. Anything that is related with gardening is enough as long as it would fit on the basket that you bought.

Women like sweets a lot. Fill the basket with different kinds of sweets. It could be a basket full of chocolates or candies. You can any types of sweets on the basket. Make sure that it doesn’t melt easily because it can be messy and your decoration the basket can be destroyed.

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21st birthday gift baskets may vary. It depends on how creative you are while making the gift basket. Before you give 21st birthday gift baskets, you should plan for the things that you will put in it. The size of your gift will matter because your basket may not be big enough to accommodate all the stuffs. When filling up the baskets with goodies, organize them well so that it would fit on the basket. Packed it nicely and give it to the birthday celebrator on time.

You don’t need to buy expensive gifts just to impress the birthday girl or boy. A simple gift is enough. The most important thing during birthdays is that you remember the special day of your friend, family or someone you love. Gifts will just make the day more special. If you don’t want to make 21st birthday gift baskets, you can buy or purchase ready-made ones .

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